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Hunting the Arctic Lights at Keipen

Join us to experience the Arctic Light - the blue light transitioning from light to dark, the pink light during daytime or maybe the Northern Lights stretching playfulle across the sky. From 950 NOK.

The Arctic Light is something very unique, and between September and March nature puts on the most spectacular light-shows. 
It might be the blue-hour, transitioning from light to dark, the pink light during daytime or maybe the Northern Lights, stretching playfully across the sky in green, white or purple. 
From mid September, when nights are getting darker, we experience the unique Arctic Lights in the Harstad region, but there are few places from where you can see these lights as clearly and beautifully as you can from Keipen. 
This trip starts in our store, right in the center of Harstad. From here we head up to Aunfjellet, which lies 350 meters above sea level. After the initial 25 minute car ride, we get ready to start our hike up to Keipen. The first part of our trip brings us through a fairytale birch-forest, which truly shows the traces of our harsh winters, but once we leave the forest, we get to open grounds from where we get a taste of the view expecting us on top. 
It takes about one hour of easy walking to get to the top at 500 meters above sea level, from where we finally get the amazing panorama view of Toppsundet, Kasfjord and Andfjord, in addition to the unique view towards the steep Grytøya mountains. 

In autumn, the path is a combination of stones, soil and roots which can be slippery, recommend good hiking shoes. In addition you will need warm clothes, a headlamp and should be used to walking in this type of terrain. 

In the winter we will use snowshoes. 

The trip requires moderate to good physical shape.

Source: Destination Harstad


Hunting the Arctic Lights at Keipen

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