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Husfliden Trondheim

Husfliden Trondheim

Norsk Flid Husfliden Trondheim has been located in Olav Tryggvasons gate for more than 130 years old, and has become an institution in the cityscape. Husfliden in Trondheim specialises in national folk-costumes from Trøndelag, as well as Norwegian and local design.

They sew Trøndelag national folk-costumes in their local sewing room, but you can also buy any of the 100 or so national folk-costumes made by Norsk Flid Husfliden around the country.

In the shop you'll find a selection of hand-picked products created by Norwegian and Scandinavian designers. You'll find everything from Norwegian classics such as Marius sweaters and Røros blankets to yarn and products from young local designers.

Source: Visit Trondheim AS


Husfliden Trondheim

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