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Østre Toten

Ice fishing near Evjua Strandpark

Fishing possibilities near "The skipper's residence" on Evjua Camping.
  - Fishing for Perch, Pike and Burbot in Lake Mjøsa
  - Fishing for Perch and Trout on Totenåsen/Ihle
For details about each fishing area, check the links below.

About the skipper's residence
"Kapteinsboligen" (the skipper's residence) is an old timber house steeped in history. For many years it was the home of Einar Haugland, former skipper of the paddle steamer Skibladner (1948–1967) and an active sailor on both lake Mjøsa and the seven seas, hence the name. The venerable house has now become the perfect holiday destination for anglers eager to hook Mjøsa's many fish species, and for family and friends who want to relax and experience the Mjøsa area at its best. Totenåsen with its great walking trails is just 15 minutes' drive away, making Kapteinsboligen an ideal base for your holiday.

The house has a brand new kitchen and bathroom, sleeps 9 people and has both a dining room and sitting room with wonderful views of lake Mjøsa.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Ice fishing near Evjua Strandpark

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