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Ice rink at Skien fritidspark

Skating is a fun outdoor activity for the whole family. The skating rink at Skien leisure park opens at the beginning of November and close end of February.

The ice skating rink at Skien fritidspark opens in November and is open until end of February. 

Rental of ice skates
If you don’t have your own skates, you can rent skates in all sizes from the café. You can rent a penguin you can support yourself with on the ice and you can also rent training skates for the younger ones. And if you want to enter the cafeteria, you don’t need to take off your ice skates, the cafeteria is adapted for use of skates.

The Café
The Café is right beside the Ice skating rink and offer cold and hot drinks and various food and groceries. The cafeteria and toilets are adapted for skater.

Have a barbecue
You can bring your own food and water, and enjoy yourself inside one of the two lavvus that are set up. 

Source: VisitGrenland AS


Ice rink at Skien fritidspark

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