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Ice skating in Asker and Bærum

In Asker and Bærum, you may enjoy great skating experiences on the ice both day and night. Municipalities and clubs operate several skating rings that usually open in mid-November to early March. In addition, there are a number of natural skating areas at local schools.

Professional arenas with good ice condition:

Check the opening hours as some times are reserved for organized matches as well as preperation of the field. The fields have good light until about 10 pm. Skating rings open to the public (supplier own info in Norwegian);

Bærum Idrettspark, Hauger Skolevei 36, Rud in Bærum. Audience time before Christmas: Monday-Friday: 14-16 and Sunday: 11.30-14

Risenga Kunstisbane, Brages vei 6, Asker. Open to the public every day but closed for prepping every day at 8-10, plus weekdays at 16-17

Føyka, Kirkeveien 221, Asker Sentrum. The course is new in 2021 and is operated by Asker Ski Club. Open ice rink from 10-22 and prepping if needed.

Natural skating rings

Ice is laid here when there is enough frost and you will arenas at the local schools. Check the updates from the municipalities

Skating rinks in Bærum - there are up to 33 nature rinks in Bærum, and a new track on Kadettangen with a winter toilet.

Ice rinks in Asker - there are a number of nature rinks on the sports fields at local schools in the municipality

Asker also has several beautiful lakes where it is nice to go ice skating where Dikemark and several of the old ice ponds are popular places.

You would need to bring your own skates and we recommend to bring warm socks, something warm to sit on and to drink.

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Ice skating in Asker and Bærum

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