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Ice swimming in Nordfjord

Ice swimming has become very popular in recent years and is said to be excellent for your health! It’s said to alleviate stress, increase metabolism, and be good for the heart and immune system. Above all, it’s a refreshing experience that can be done almost anywhere there’s water.

In Nordfjord, there are lakes where you can go ice swimming almost everywhere you go.
In recent years, small floating saunas have appeared around Nordfjord, so the sea is right outside the sauna. Some of these saunas can be found at Knutholmen, Stad Sauna, Påldtun and Aarneset Gard.

It’s best to remember a few ice-swimming rules:

– Don’t swim alone
– Don't stay in the water for too long
– Wear swimming shoes or socks to avoid cuts and frostbite
– Avoid ice swimming if you have serious cardiovascular disease, low blood pressure or epilepsy. The cold shock may cause a heart attack, seizure, or loss of consciousness.

Last updated: 10/12/2023

Source: Nordfjord

Ice swimming in Nordfjord

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