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Iglandsvik bay - Vetvika bay

This wonderful trip goes from Iglandsvik to Vetvika! Area: Fjordane Type: Hike/walk Classification: Demanding Length and duration: 8.9 km, 10 hours – the hike is one way, from A to B Season: All year round Parking: at Iglandsvik Marina

This hike has two possible starting points:
1) From the sign at outer Iglandsvik. Follow the blue/red-marked trail to the outfields and continue along the mountainside up to the trail intersection. From there, follow the red-marked path in an easterly direction. The route climbs up on an open trail over rocks and in a landscape of heather and juniper. After a while you’ll approach Iglandselva river and the path that comes from inner Iglandsvik.

2) This is also the start of the second route, which goes from Havly via a private farm road to an outfield trail towards the Omnen mountains. The path leads steeply up the mountainside towards Iglandselva river. Continue past the river. You may want to head towards the viewpoint ‘Iglandsbenken’ before continuing past some fir trees and towards the trail intersection from outer Iglandsvik.

Continue east on the red-marked path, turn off to the north and head uphill towards Torvangsheia hill. There are breathtaking views of the villages around Bremangerpollen and beyond. The route is well marked and leads through mostly grassy terrain. After a while you pass a farmhouse and a cabin before crossing into rocky terrain past Steinfjellet mountain, 681 metres above sea level. This is the highest point in this part of Bremangerøya. Now continue walking in gentle terrain northwards, over Kløverheia and Sletteheia to Karihaugen, which you will pass on the right-hand side. On the way, you will pass through two areas where there may be snowdrifts well into the summer. They are not difficult to pass.

You are now in north Vetvikdalen valley, where you will meet the trail from Svarstad. Follow this trail until you reach your destination. The route leads west before going down a steep grassy hill, through a couple of areas of scree and down to Vollen: one of the abandoned farms in Vetvika.

Please be aware that there is not much drinking water in the highest parts of the mountain. The last sure source of water before you reach Vetvikdalen valley is Iglandselva river.
It’s very popular to end the tour at the viewpoint that looks over Vetvika bay.
Please be aware that there is poor mobile phone coverage in Vetvika and on the trail down.

Source: Nordfjord


Iglandsvik bay - Vetvika bay

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