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Vestre Toten


Ihle neighborhood, Vestre Toten Municipality consists of 6 smaller lakes, all approximately 420 meters over sea level:
- Sillongen,
- Helsetjernet,
- Eriksrudtjernet,
- Steffensrudtjernet,
- Kauserudtjernet,
- Slomma

These waters can be found at the Toten plateau, south of Gjøvik, between Raufoss, Kapp and Lena.
The landowners, together with the Municipality Water Resources Association of Mjøsa and County Governor of Oppland started a project to monitor water quality in Sillongen, Kauserudtjernet and Slomma. This has now expanded to include lakes of Ihle.

Fish species:
- Trout: Stocked on a regular basis in Sillongen and Steffensrudtjernet.
- Perch: Found in all the lakes.
- Roach: In all the lakes.
- Crucian carp: Few.
- Crayfish: permitted only by written agreement with the landowner.
- Pike: In Eriksrudtjernet, Slomma, Kauserud, Helset.

Each year the biggest fish from in the categories trout, perch and pike are awarded.

Fishing regulations and duties:
- Fishing is allowed all year, from the banks or boats when there is no ice, and from the ice wintertime.
- Disinfection of equipment is required if used in other areas prior to fishing at Ihle.
- Permits are sold at Toten Sillongen Hotel, Sangnes Handel, Bøverbru Kiosk and Gatekjøkken, Sport 1 Raufoss and Lena.

Preservation Law, minimum size and the like:
Catch & release should be practiced for fish bigger than;
- Trout 50 cm
- Pike 85 cm
- Perch 35 cm

Getting there:
- Arriving from Gjøvik, you should follow the Vestre Totenveg until you reach the area.
- Based at Sillongen, the 5 other lakes area all within a radius of 2 to 5 km.

Source: Visit Innlandet



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