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Indre - Ytre Fure

The walk from Indre Fure (Inner Fure) to Ytre Fure (Outer Fure) is a unique reminder of how previous generations lived.

The roadless farm Ytre Fure was abandoned after the war. Generation after generation lived here on this narrow strip of land between the mountains and the ocean. Today the trail up to the farm is a gem for hikers. The walk along the rocky seashore brings you closer to the forces of nature, and makes you think why anyone would want to settle here. But once you’re there, with the idyllic seascape, it’s easy to forget about the struggles, and you begin to wonder why they ever left.

The trip starts in the idyllic farm yard in Inner Fure, one of the few inhabited cluster farms that is left in Norway. It lies to the south, and here the spring arrives earlier than any other place in the area, with hills covered by primrose. The six who live in the courtyard, make sure that there is an overwhelming flowers bloom from early spring to late autumn.

The path from Inner to Outer Fure runs along the beach, with steep mountains on one side and the sea on the other side. Some places high and airy, other places along the tide pools and rock. One has a marvellous views of the entire trip including to the island of Selja with Selje monastery, Hornelen and Kråkenes Lighthouse. It is a fascinating cultural landscape, and all the way you can see traces those who lived here. You end up on the two farms on Outer Fure, located beautifully, but dramatically to the ocean. The farms were abandoned in the 60th century, but is well held, and popular during the summer. The area is one of the most protected landscapes in Norway.

Stadt Naturguiding offer guided tours to Ytre Fure, and Grethe will tell you the whole story about this abandoned farm.

It is possible to continue the walk over the mountain to Hoddevik.

The tour goes on the narrow path, rock and pebble. Steep down a couple of places where one should be aware if you bring children.

It is not necessary with special equipment, but you should have good hiking boots / shoes and bring clothes for wind/rain.

NB! Please note that there may be a lot of ticks in the area in summer.

Source: Nordfjord


Indre - Ytre Fure

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