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Island hopping along the coast of Telemark

Experience the wonderful islands in the Langesund archipelago. You can jump from island to island, walk or cycle around on idyllic paths and roads.

Go island hopping in the beautiful archipelago outside Brevik and Langesund. The starting ports of Brevik, Stathelle, Langesund (Smietangen), and Helgeroa will make it flexible and easy to get out to the islands in the archipelago.

Jump on and off the boat or join a round trip
You can take nice day trips to different islands around Brevik and Langesund. Join a round trip, or you can go ashore and explore the islands. You can jump from island to island, hike around or cycle on idyllic paths and roads. You won't be able to visit all the islands in one day, but you can easily spend a night or two, either in a tent or with someone who offers accommodation.

How to jump around the islands during the summer season

From Brevik:
Ferry to Sandøya, Løvøya, Bjørkøya, Siktesøya and Langesund.
Check the schedule for Brevik ferries.

From Helgeroa:
Ferry to Stokkøya, Lille Arøya, Store Arøya, Siktesøya and Langesund.

Brevik ferries: Buy on the Farte app or directly on the boat. It is free to take the ferry from Brevik to Sandøya, Bjørkøya, and Siktesøya.
Helgeroa ferries: Summer schedules between Helgeroa and Langesund. Must be booked in advance!

Both the old school on Store Arøya and Langøytangen Lighthouse (the old lighthouse keeper's residence) on Langøya offer accommodation.

Parking in Brevik: In Brevik, you can park under the Brevik Bridge in designated places, in the center, and in front of Gamle Brevik town hall. Parking in Langesund: Free parking behind the town hall in Langesund. In the center, there are public parking spaces (signposted).

How to hop around the islands outside the summer season
From Brevik: Take the car ferry Oksøy to Sandøya, Bjørkøya or Siktesøya. The car ferry runs all year round. Check for schedules outside the summer season.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: VisitGrenland AS

Island hopping along the coast of Telemark

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