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Imagine lying floating above the ground on a bed of rushing water with stars in your eyes! That is exactly what you can experience in Jølet, the cabin that has been specially designed to give an optimal feeling of closeness to nature. On the edge of a gorge, created by the river's thousand-year struggle to reach the fjord, the cabin partially floats in the terrain. Situated completely by itself with no close neighbours, but with a view over the cultural landscape and rural areas, this is a perfect place for both relaxation and activity.

Large windows let nature into Jølet as in a cinema where a wild and majestic western landscape is the screen. With its 44 sq.m. you will live close to nature in the best "nature compact living" style where the goal is to live minimalistic, yet comfortable. This is a "hotel suite" in nature!

The cabin, which is suitable for two people, consists of a living room with a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable bathroom, and a bedroom with a king-size bed. From the comfortable Jensen continental bed, you get a full overview of the roaring river through large sliding doors, as well as the starry sky in the large skylight above the bed. From the sauna there is access to a cold pool on the terrace outside. In addition, the outdoor space with a fireside table invites you to quiet evenings with bonfires.
Car is necessary as there is little public transport in the area. Parking with electric car charging. From the parking you must walk on a romantic path about 200 meters to the cabin. It`s recommended to bring light luggage since the luggage must be carried towards the cabin.

Source: Nordfjord



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