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Jøsenfjorden in Hjelmeland

Jøsenfjorden is a side fjord next to Boknafjorden in Hjelmeland, in the middle of Ryfylke. On both sides of the fjord there are mountains up to 700 meters.

The fjord extends about 27 km from Hjelmeland/ Nesvik and in to Førrebotn.

From time immemorial our ancestors have rowed and sailed in to Jøsenfjorden. Before roads were built the fjords were the main access point for people. Along both sides of the fjord, lie farms and crofts. There are also seafacilities to be found in Jøsenfjorden, for both salmon and halibut. There are interesting legends and weird names which tells us more about the usage of the fjord as an access point than before.

The view can be admired from the car along Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke, Rv 13, on the north side of the fjord and in to the village Jøsenfjorden. You will have to have a boat to get to the inner part of Jøsenfjorden in towards Førre. The journey in towards Førrebotn offers majestic and wild scenery cannot be explained, and should not be missed. In Førrebotn it is steep and dramatic. A boat trip on the fjord is a memorable experience where you can see mighty mountains, salmon and trout farms, remote farms and crofts and if you're very lucky you might be able to see eagles soar over the fjord. Jøsenfjorden has always been known for good fishing.

The view can also be admired from Skomakarnibbå south of the fjord. On clear days there is a fantastic view of the mountains, fjords and islands in the west and north. According to old legends, the highlighted rock formation avalanched into the fjord the same day seven brother were getting married to seven sisters. The name Skomakarnibbå has the distinctive formation from another legend about a shoemaker who had to sit on the rock formation and make a pair of shoes as punishment.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Jøsenfjorden in Hjelmeland

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