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Jacobsenbrygga and the folk museum in Mosjøen

The Vefsn Museum has numerous exhibitions at several locations in and around the town of Mosjøen. These focus on everything from rural life and urban history, to weapons smuggling and the work of the Norwegian resistance during Nazi Germany’s World War II occupation. You can also join a guided tour of the historical street Sjøgata, which is lined with 19th-century houses.

The main museum in the Mosjøen town centre is housed in Jacobsenbrygga, a yellow wharf building at Sjøgata No. 31B. This historic street is a living museum, and the houses are still in use as residences, shops and charming cafés. A guided walk is very worthwhile. In Jacobsen wharf are exhibitions on Mosjøen’s development into a town, about how the preceding era was dominated by fishermen-farmers, about the amazing salmon fishing on the Vefsna river that attracted aristocrats and wealthy English anglers starting in the 19th century, and much more. The museum shop sells handicrafts, antique toys, books and coffee mugs.

A historic gas station
At Strandgata No. 1, very close to Sjøgata, is a historic gas station, the second oldest in Norway. Built in 1933, it is now part of the Helgeland Museum.

Vefsn rural museum
This rural museum is situated next to Dolstad church, the striking red cruciform octagonal church built of wood in 1735. The rural museum, one of the oldest in Nordland County, documents the local building heritage from the 17th century up until modern industrialisation. You can join a tour that takes you inside the houses, which have small exhibitions and display many historical objects. During the summer, there is a café in the yard, and a variety of activities take place. Vefsn rural museum is situated at Austerbygdveien No. 1.

The police station
Behind the rural museum is the old police station. Today it houses the office of Vefsn museum and the Vefsn Historical Association. On the ground floor is an exhibition about Liv Grannes (1918–2004) of Mosjøen, a brave woman who played a key role in the Resistance during World War II. In 1940, she began working at the police station, and soon proved herself a valuable agent for the secret British Special Operations Executive (SOE). After the war, Liv Grannes was awarded the British George Medal for her heroic efforts. The address of the old police station is Austerbygdveien No. 3.

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Jacobsenbrygga and the folk museum in Mosjøen

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