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Jakubsbu og Tua

Area: Oldedalen Type: Hiking Grading: Medium Length to Tua: 3 km Length to Jakobsbu: 1.8 km Season: All year round

The path to Jakobsbu is named Via Digitalis, which can be translated The Heart Path. The walk to Jakobsbu is a nice and family-friendly walk on a good trail that is not to steep. Along the path you pass Skåralada and Håvardhatten. Skåralada is an old mountain barn built in 1900. The barn was used to store hay for the animals. Håvardhatten is the area where they used to milk the cows.

When Jakob Aaberg was 50 years old, he wished for help to carry the material to a cabin, which would later be called Jakobsbu. This wish was fulfilled and the cottage was finished in 1993. The place which Jakobsbu is built on, is a former pasture for cows, while the mountain farm of the farm Aaberg was on Tua, which is higher up and further north in the terrain.

The path to Tua continues right up from Jakobsbu. From Tua you can enjoy the view of the Oldedalen Valley from Melkevollsbreen in the south to Sunde in the north. The mountain farm on Tua was in use until 1948. Today only the foundations remain. From Jakobsbu it is also nice to continue to Brenndalen and the Brenndal glacier. Follow the signs.

Source: Nordfjord


Jakubsbu og Tua

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