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Kabbestul cabin

Simple, cozy "simple living" cabin with 8 beds. Idyllic location along a tributary to the Kragerøvassdraget. About. 40 min. from Bø Sommarland. Own canoe.

Simple Cabin in the Wilderness Adventure in Drangedal, available for rent during the summer. The cabin has 3 bedrooms and sleeps 8 people, located idyllically along a tributary to the Kragerø watercourse and by one of the many paddling and cycling routes in the area. The cabin comes with its own canoe, and fishing in the surrounding watercourse is free. Here, you lock yourself in and have the entire cabin to yourself.

Simple living
This is the place for "simple living" and is perfect for couples or families seeking simplicity. Here, you live the simple life with an outdoor toilet, gas stove, and a power generator for charging phones and lights (a full tank of gas is included in the rental). The kitchen is equipped with basic utensils. There's no shower here, no running water in the house, but you get good drinking water from the pond below the cabin. The railway line, running between Drangedal and Lunde, is close to the cabin, but you hardly notice it as the line is fenced off, and trains are infrequent.

Own canoe and free fishing
The cabin comes with its own canoe, and fishing in the waters around the cabin is free. It's also possible to paddle all the way to Kragerø, but canoes/kayaks need to be carried/rolled in some sections to get that far. Additionally, there are great opportunities for moose or beaver safaris in the evening.

The area
The area has its own local history with aircraft wrecks from World War II located a few kilometers away. There's also a network of marked hiking trails along the county road, with the trail to Luberg and Åsland farm just a few kilometers away. The place is about 15 kilometers from the town of Lunde, where you can shop, observe the locks along the Telemark Canal, or explore the Troll car exhibited in the center. There are also opportunities for day trips to Kragerø or a trip to Bø Summerland. Both places are about 40-50 minutes away.

Other things worth noting
- The cabin has a fire pit, and it's recommended that you light it in the evening if there's little wind. This keeps mosquitoes and midges away.
- There are duvets and pillows in the cabin, but you must bring your own bedding or rent it. You decide whether you want to clean the cabin yourself after use, or you can also opt for cleaning service.
- The water outside the cabin is shallow and has a muddy bottom.
- If you want to swim, you can paddle out to the bathing pier located about 50 meters into the water.

Source: Telemarkreiser AL


Kabbestul cabin

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