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Kalvøya and Kadettangen beach

Kadettangen is one of Bærum's finest beaches with a diving tower, wheelchair ramp into the water, sand volleyball courts, kiosk, four fixed grills, toilets and showers. Kalvøya is a very popular area for walking tours, swimming and ball games with many beautiful bays and secluded cliffs.

More information about the beaches of Kadettangen and Kalvøya

Kalvøya is an extremely popular destination for both locals and visitors, with boating, swimming, barbeques, sports, etc. The island has several bays with sand beaches with swimming facilities including rafts with diving boards, buoys, climbing frames, toilets and showers. The gravel paths on the island also make the area suitable for wheelchair users and pushchairs. Most of the beaches are found on the island’s west and southern sides. There is a separate naturist beach on the east side of the island. Kalvøya is also known for its many music festivals and football tournaments. Bærum Kayak clubb have their clubhouse, “Båtsportens hus”, on the island’s north side. Several burial mounds have been discovered on Kalvøya from both the Bronze and Iron Ages. A stroll around the island is well signposted with various kinds of information.

Kadettangen is situated just before Kalvøybroa bridge on the east side. This area was previously used as a training camp for the cadet school (1869-1896), hence the name. Today, you will find football pitches here, as well as clubhouses and sports halls that are used by Bærum Sports Club. The beach area at Kadettangen is one of Bærum’s finest, with diving and swimming jetties, wheelchair ramps down to the water, sand volleyball courts, a kiosk, four permanent barbecue grills, toilets and showers. On the right side before the Kalvøybroen bridge is a cosy guest dock for visitors, and a separate quay for the Rigmor and Rigfar ferries.

There is car parking at Kadettangen before the bridge over to Kalvøya.

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Kalvøya and Kadettangen beach

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