Kandal Klyngetun and Sølvane Opera Farm

Sølvane Opera Farm is a unique country estate situated in the beautiful Kandal Village at the west coast of Norway.

Welcome to Sølvane Opera Farm and Kandal Klyngetun! The farm is rebuilded as a culture venue and the barn is amazingly refurbished with rococo, gold ornaments and old wooden furnitures. In the summer, artists from all over Scandinavia visit the farm and there are concerts, dinner events and wine tastings on the weekends. At Kandal Klyngetun they can accommodate about 50 guests in the high season, and 30 in the low season. They sell meat products from own production and they have a unique skin and fur collection with over 200 skins for sale.

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Nordfjord

Kandal Klyngetun and Sølvane Opera Farm

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