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Kandal Ysteri og Gardsmat

Visit Kandal Ysteri and Gardsmat and be served the best brown cheese in Norway!

On the slopes between Skjortefjellet and Breimsvatnet you will find Kandal. The village has long traditions for the processing of milk and, among other things, houses a dairy barn. Today it is Solveig and Erlend who make milk from their own goats in Neretunet. It is mother and son who keep the 130-year-old tradition alive. Feel free to visit the cheese factory, which is located spectacularly and beautifully next to a secret waterfall surrounded by curious goats and sheep.

From the cheese park you can see into the production premises where the Kandal cheese is produced. The coffee bar in Ysteriparken has quality coffee and traditional soda cakes, of course with kandal cheese. You will also find Kandalsfossen, which represents the wild nature in Kandalen. On the other side of the fence you will find grazing animals that you can take care of. Not far from Ysteriparken, you will also find the gallery of the artist Solveig Thingnes Kandal. You can buy the Kandal cheese and other goods such as meat and leather.

Kandal is a village with a long tradition of goat farming and goat cheese was made here until 1954. There was also a dairy school here, which trained over 200 dairymen. Until now, tourists have asked for goat cheese from Kandal, but we have not had any cheese to offer (until now). At the beginning of 2021, we started production of brown goat cheese according to the Kandal tradition. The goats graze in spectacular scenery and in the summer there are people and cattle on Myklandsstøylen, under high mountains.

At Neretunet in Kandal you will find Kandal Ysteri. Ysteriet started up in 2021 and is resuming the tradition of goat cheese from Kandal after 67 years. Neretunet has been running goats for many generations and still has the tradition of running goats/seats on Myklandsstøylen. The Ysteriparken by the ysteriet offers experiences where you can get up close to animals, nature and cheese production. In the summer, there is also a coffee bar open at weekends, where you can get quality coffee and traditional soda cakes and other things, all based on local ingredients. In the yard you will find a pig, sheep, goat, chickens and a horse. Products that can be obtained from us are cheese, meat and leather. On the farm, Solveig also has a studio that you can visit to experience art.

The goods can be obtained from us at the farm/ysteriet. And at the bakery/shop "Bakarjon" in Byrkjelo.

Source: Nordfjord


Kandal Ysteri og Gardsmat

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