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Kannesteinen is located near the small village Oppedal, about 10 km from Måløy.

Kannesteinen is a special rock that lies on the shore in the village of Oppedal, about 10 km from the center of Måløy.

How was Kannesteinen formed?

This special stone has been shaped by waves, ice, and stone over thousands of years, and polished by water movement. The stone is about 3 meters high.

How to get to Kannesteinen

Kannesteinen is located near the village of Oppedal, 10 km from Måløy city center. Take county road 601 towards Oppedal. On the road, you will find Vågsberget Trading and guesthouse center and Hendanes Lighthouse, both of which are worth a visit. There are good parking facilities at Kannesteinen, and it is open all year round.

Can I climb Kannesteinen?

Many people climb the rock to be photographed sitting on it. Not everyone dares, but those who do are happy to jump from the rock face and onto the rock.

Kannesteinen is registered as a protected area under Norwegian law, so you should always be careful and follow the rules associated with the rock.

Last updated: 03/19/2024

Source: Visit FjordKysten


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