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Østre Toten

Karidalen cross country skiing center

Karidalen Østre Toten Skiklubb skisenter

Østre Toten – cross-country skiing from Karidalen
About Karidalen - Østre Toten Skilag (ØTS) Skisenter
Karidalen is located in Østre Toten municipality, approx. 12 km south of Gjøvik. This is one of the largest and best biathlon arenas in the country, and offers four beautiful cross-country ski trails of various lengths. 

There are four way-marked ski trails in the area:
• 1 km white
• 3 km red
• 5 km blue
• 7 km yellow (marked as 8 km, but the correct is 7 km.)
How to reach Karidalen
Karidalen is located along Nordlivegen south of Gjøvik. 
• Use Google Maps to see route description based on your location

Trail maps and status reports
It wise to be well prepared for your ski trip.
• See here for trail maps with contour line for all routes
• Visit for trail status reports and tips on waxing

Accommodation at Gjøvik: 
• Quality Hotel Strand Gjøvik
• Clarion Collection Hotel Grand, Gjøvik
• Gjøvik Hovdetun Hostel
Food & drink at Gjøvik
• Heim Restaurant and Gastropub
• Lasse Liten Café & Deli
• Egon Gjøvik
• Salt & Pepper
• Khalles Corner
• Fahlstrøm Bar & Grill
• Peking Palace
• Peppes Pizza 

Show consideration during your visit, and follow these basic guidelines: 
• Adhere to the code of conduct for public right of access
• Park at designated car parks and campsites
• Take your litter home or use the bins provided
• Remember the rules for keeping dogs on a lead; respect campfire bans and restrictions, and use designated sites only
• Try to use local shops along the route
• Drive nicely, but not too nicely – keep up with the traffic
• Last, but not least; ENJOY your trip!

Last updated: 04/14/2023

Source: Visit Innlandet

Karidalen cross country skiing center

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