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Karset tiny house

A charming mini-farm with a modern micro-house

22 square metres of idyllic farm life

Imagine waking up and starting the day with a coffee, before you visit the chicken coop to collect freshly-laid eggs for your breakfast.

The charming Karset mini-farm comprises a modern micro-house, a beautiful yard with BBQ facilities, and a large patio with seating. When renting the mini-farm, you have access to an animal enclosure with rabbits, hens and freshly-laid eggs.

The mini-farm forms part Karset Gård which is located in stunning surroundings on the outskirts of Hamar. Its 22-square-metre climate-friendly micro house offers classic design, a spacious feel, a mezzanine sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom, and living room with settee. It has room for 2 adults and 2 children. For larger groups, it is possible to rent Låverommet as well.

A stay at the mini-farm is suitable for couples, young families, or grandparents with grandchildren looking for an experience out of the ordinary.

Source: Visit Hedmark AS


Karset tiny house

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