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Kattøya is a small island deep in the Eidangerfjord in Porsgrunn, which is located right outside the swimming pool and the campsite on Olavsberget.

Kattøya is an island at the innermost point of the Eidangerfjord, just off the shore at Olavsberget campsite and bathing place. There is a good footbridge between the bathing place and the island.

Kattøya is an excellent walking area and a super place to swim, fish and pick berries. Porsgrunn municipality has set up a lavvo, or Sami tent, for visitors to use. You’ll also find what is probably Norway’s first floating toilet here, firmly anchored to the floating stage between Olavsberget and Kattøya. A definite boost to comfort in the area! 

From the parkingplace at Olavsberget, follow the signs to the bathing area and Kattøya. There is also an infoboard about the immediate area around Presteåsen.​​​​​​

Source: VisitGrenland AS



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