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Kattanakkjen mountain

Don't be fooled by Kattanakken mountain in Briksdalen valley. The first two kilometres of the trip seem easy but the hike gradually becomes more challenging. Area: Oldedalen valley Type: Hike/walk Classification: Challenging Length: 10.7 km, 1,650 m.a.s.l. Season: April–September

The mountain Kattanakkjen is a towering monolith. When the weather is clear, the view from the top is simply magical. Behold the Briksdalsbreen glacier, far below, surrounded by wild mountains, the mighty Jostedalsbreen glacier and roaring waterfalls. The only ticket required is the effort you exert – a solid but manageable workout up the steep mountainside and some high-altitude climbing to reach the ridge. Start at the car park in Briksdalen. Follow the path/road towards the Briksdal Glacier. Turn right just before the second bridge across the river. Follow the path through the forest. The path gradually veers south and crosses some smooth rock, before it veers west up the mountainside taking you to the top of a ridge about 700 metres above sea level. Follow the ridge to the top. Kattanakken is a jagged mountain ridge and the walk is lofty in places. Directions: Briksdalen valley is at the end of Oldedalen valley, about 20 km from the centre of Olden.

Source: Nordfjord


Kattanakkjen mountain

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