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Kayak rental

Next to lake Breidsjøen lies Dalseter's little boat house.

Next to lake Breidsjøen lies Dalseter’s little boat house.

Here we have 7 canoes with room for 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 children in each, 2 rowing boats and 4 SUP boards. The rental takes place from the hotel reception. Life jackets and oars are included in the rent. If there are many of you, we have a good collaboration with our neighbor Ruten Fjellstue who has 5 family canoes with 3/4 seats, 4 kayaks and 3 SUP boards for hire. Then contact Ruten Fjellstue directly for an agreement on renting these.

All use of boats and canoes is at your own risk and we remind you that the rules regarding safety at sea and consideration for wildlife apply also to mountain lakes.

Source: Visit Lillehammer


Kayak rental

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