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Kayak rental

Rental of recreational kayaks 250,- NOK per hour including equipment.

You dont need a wet card. If you want to rent a kayak outside the opening hours, or longer than 1 hour, please contact Yri Outdoor directly: +47 41251138 / +47 91800928

Rules for kayak/canoe/boat rental

- A life jacket must always be worn when using a
- Do not paddle towards the river outlet, as there is a risk of
- Do not stand up in the canoe/kayak when you are out on the
- Do not bathe from a kayak/boat/canoe, rather go to shore
when bathing
- Yri Outdoor takes no responsibility for valuables that may
disappear or break when you rent a canoe/kayak or boat from
- Remember that the wind can come suddenly, so take as close
to land as possible
- Anyone who is going to paddle a canoe/kayak must be able to
- All use of canoes/kayaks and boats is at your own risk
- Return equipment as it was

Source: Nordfjord


Kayak rental

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