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Kayak, SUP, BBQ & Beach Tour

A full day in untouched nature with bbq food, water activities and relaxing on a beach and luxury yacht.

Avoid the popular crowded beaches and spend a day on a remote island only accessible by private boat. Immerse yourself in the beauty of timeless Norweigan nature, explore remote sandy beaches and see the scenery of the Lofoten Islands from both land and sea.
Look for wildlife such as whales, dolphins, and eagles as we depart from Svolvær harbor and cruise for about an hour to the island of Litlmolla, an uninhabited secluded island. At anchorage, we’ll transfer you by tender boat from the yacht to the shore where you can explore the area by foot, kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Northern Norway's beaches are stunning; soft white sand or shell beaches edged by clear, turquoise waters all framed by stunning mountain backdrops. It’s no wonder that visitors flock to them, even though the water is cold, the crystal-clear waters and mountain peaks are some of Lofoten's best features.
Your crew will light a beach fire and prepare a BBQ lunch of lamb, freshly caught fish, sausages, potato salad, corn on the cob and grilled vegetables. Relax seaside and enjoy this authentic Norweigan picnic experience. If you’re feeling brave, take a cold plunge in the arctic waters then warm up in our outdoor hot tub. Ice bathing is a popular Norweigan activity and while there’s no ice in summer, taking a plunge at the beach can produce similar benefits.
As we pack up and cruise back to our home port, you’ll likely feel rejuvenated, grounded, and certainly refreshed from your day at the beach.
This is a great full day activity for small groups of all ages who want to experience both nature, local cuisine and exclusive service on a luxury sailing yacht.

- Full day all-inclusive tour
- Kayak or SUP
- Explore a remote island beach
- Beach bonfire
- Hot tub
- Norwegian BBQ food
- Jump in the ocean
- Small group tour
- Personalized service aboard a luxury yacht

- 2 hours cruising in Vestfjord
- 6 hours beach & water activities
- Kayak or SUP and life jackets
- Beach bonfire
- Tender boat from the yacht to the beach
- Hot tub, shower & towel
- BBQ lunch: lamb cutlet, pork chop or fish, sausages, grilled veggies, potato salad & corn on the cob
- Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fresh arctic water & cookies
- Blankets & pillows for comfort and naps
- Onboard host and excursion guide
- Former Norwegian Navy Sea Captain

## About the boat
Enjoy this tour aboard a luxurious and comfortable sailing yacht with professional, experienced, and friendly crew. With 2 outer decks and a large interior saloon, there is plenty of space for all guests to enjoy the tour themselves or with each other. The yacht, S/Y Stella Oceana, is 118 tons, 32 meters long, 5 meters wide and has an ice classification. All these features, along with the yacht's former Norwegian Navy Sea Captain, make the ship extremely safe and stable to sail in arctic Norway.

**What to Bring**
- Layers of warm weatherproof outdoor clothing and shoes, a hat, gloves, sunglasses, a reusable water bottle and a change clothes.
- Waterproof clothes and shoes that are ok to get wet in the kayak/SUP
- Comfortable shoes while on the yacht like sandals or slippers.
- Your own swim wear and a towel if you want to enjoy the hot tub

- Swimwear is required to go in the hot tub. It is prohibited to go in your underwear or regular clothing.
- The interior of the ship is shoeless, so it is ideal if you have shoes that are easy to take on and off.
- Please indicate when booking if you have any dietary restrictions, so that we can prepare a meal that works for you.

Tour starts and ends in Svolvær harbor in front of the Nordis Hotel & Restaurant. Look for "Stella Oceana" the 100-foot white sailing yacht with 2 wooden rigs docked at the Svolvær public service house pier.

**Alternative Dates**
If your desired travel dates are not available on the booking calendar, contact us and we may be able to arrange specific dates for your group.

**Guest Capacity**
Min 4 | Max 8

4 900,-NOK/ Adult(13+ year)
4 600,-NOK/ Children (3-12 year)

**Still have questions?**
We are available to answer your questions. | +47 907 07 512 (Call/SMS/Whatsapp)

Source: Destination Lofoten


Kayak, SUP, BBQ & Beach Tour

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