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Paddle the deepest lake in Europe

Explore the amazing 514 meters deep lake Hornindal. From the kayak you have the best point of view to see the beautiful nature that surrounds the lake. Spectacular mountains, green forests, historic houses and maybe a salmon or a trout in the clear water. This is a perfect activity for the whole family, we use kayaks that are suitable for all ages. The comfort and safety are maximized so you can concentrate on the impressions of the nature. The kayaks can be used as a tandem (two persons) or single (one person). Children that can’t kayak alone can go with two other adults in the same kayak. Lake Hornindal is known for an interesting history with excited legends related to the lake. The lake is the deepest in Northern Europe and is also known as one of the clearest lakes in Scandinavia. A sea serpent lives in the lake. Ho only shows up on special times of the day, and only a handful of lucky ones have seen it. Maybe you are the next one? Your local guides will make sure that you are getting an amazing trip on the lake. They are certified kayak guides and Norwegian nature guides. You will be provided with all needed equipment for the kayaking. If it is raining, we recommend bringing rain jacket and pants. Your guide will also give you an information safety brief before we sea launch. Port of call: Nordfjordeid, Norway Duration: 3 hours (2 hours kayaking) Age: Minimum 10 years (if accompanied by an adult in the same kayak) Location: Lake Hornindalsvatnet (10 minutes by van) Capacity: Maximum 16 guests per group Minimum 8 guests per group Guests should bring: suitable outdoor clothing for the weather (wind/waterproof jacket) light shoes (sandals, jogging shoes etc.) Backpack with extra clothes Hat/cap, drinking bottle, sunscreen and sunglasses Meeting point: East side of the quay building. Sign marked with “Kayak lake Hornindal” Kaivegen 12, 6770 Nordfjordeid

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Nordfjord

Kayaking - Lake Hornindal | Fjordguiding

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