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Kayaking the waters around Ylvingen

Based on the island of Ylvingen, Himmelblå Brygge offers introductory and more advanced kayaking courses, kayak rentals, and guided kayaking trips on the nearby waters. Their beautiful island is situated just south of Vega.

An introductory course and guided kayaking trips:
Ylvingen is a perfect base for kayaking adventures. Our idyllic island with its beautiful beaches is surrounded by crystal-clear waters sheltered by literally thousands of islets and skerries. There are no words to describe the feeling of kayaking at your own pace over a mirror-calm sea glowing under the midnight sun, while savouring the slowly shifting view of the Vega islands. Ask anyone – kayaking brings you close to nature.

Himmelblå Brygge’s guided kayaking trip lasts about four hours. Don’t worry if you have no experience; we’ll include an introductory kayaking course and proceed at a pace that suits everyone. You will learn how to enter and disembark from your kayak, how to chart a forward course, and how to stop and turn your kayak.

16-hour basic kayaking course:
On the weekend of your choice this summer, you can take a 16-hour basic kayaking course at Ylvingen. Here you will learn how equipment use, various techniques, and of course basic safety. Afterwards you will be well prepared to go on a safe and rewarding kayaking adventure with friends of family on the sheltered waters around Ylvingen.

On the first day of our course, we’ll introduce you to the kayak and equipment, share important safety considerations, teach you rescue techniques, a variety of manoeuvring techniques, and how best to get in and out of your kayak. On the second day we’ll go on a kayaking excursion, so you can practice what you learned. You will gain confidence as you explore the waters around Ylvingen and face different challenges and conditions.

Rent a kayak:
If you want to go kayaking on your own, Himmelblå Brygge offers kayak rental by the hour hour, for half a day or a full day. To book your kayak, please email them at or drop by the restaurant at Himmelblå Brygge on Ylvingen.

Last updated: 03/19/2024

Source: Helgeland Reiseliv as

Kayaking the waters around Ylvingen

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