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Kinn Brewery: Beer tasting at Vesle Kinn


Guided tours and beer tasting at Kinn Brewery

Guided tours and beer tasting at Vesle Kinn. Vesle Kinn can be found at the heart of Strandgata in Florø and is the beer café and test brewery for Kinn Brewery. The rear part of the premises contains the small brewery, where new recipes are tested. The Vesle Kinn microbrewery offers fixed guided tours in the summer, and all year on request. Visitors can enter the brewery premises and learn about the brewing process and the history of Kinn Brewery. Guided tours and beer tasting can be booked for groups all year round. We charge for minimum 10 persons for private appointments. Please contact for more information and booking

Vesle Kinn Beer Café

Vesle Kinn offers a wide selection of beers both draft and bottled, as well as cocktails, cider, wine, alcohol-free alternatives and snacks. You can find information about the beer café's opening hours here.

About Kinn Brewery

Kinn Brewery was established in 2009 in Florø, a small town situated by the fjords on the west coast of Norway. The pure water from the mountains surrounding the town is the perfect base for the beers.

The brew master and founder of Kinn Brewery, Espen Lothe, started brewing in his own home, but a growing interest in the craftsmanship led to a full-fledged brewery where open fermentation vats were brought in and the slogan "doing it the old-fashioned way" was put to work. The brew master does not interfere with the natural process, meaning that there are no pasteurisation and filtration involved.

Both English and Belgian type beers are brewed at Kinn, together with seasonal brews. The products are available as both draft and bottle beers. The unique labelling depicts the Norwegian lexicographer and poet Ivar Aasen, and the names of the beers are typical of the dialects spoken in the fjordlands of Norway. The commitment to tradition, craftsmanship and fine taste are the qualities that make Kinn Brewery beers, ales and stouts attractive and unique.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Kinn Brewery: Beer tasting at Vesle Kinn


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