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Kjær Gårdsbutikk - farm shop (Closed)

Kjær Gårdsbutikk is located rurally in Våle, surrounded by lush strawberries and large forests.

The Farm Shop is closed for the 2024 season.

You will find Kjær Gårdsbutikk in the storehouse, which is the heart of the farm.

Organic vegetables, grain and horse hay are grown on the farm. Hens also live here, which produce delicious eggs. Some of the production takes place in greenhouses, but some also takes place in open fields right outside the storehouse.

The farm shop has a large selection of goods beyond their own vegetables. Here you will find everything from oil, chocolate, drinks, cheese, meat, soaps, candles, handicrafts and more. The focus is on Norwegian-made products, as well as local and short-distance products. The selection fluctuates with the seasons, so there are always new items or replacements.

It is possible to buy a coffee and a bun in the sun when the weather permits.

Opening hours
The opening hours are seasonal.
See Facebook for updated opening hours.

It is entirely possible to visit the farm shop outside opening hours. Get in touch in advance.

School classes
Kjær Gårdsbutikk has welcomed school classes to talk about organic farming and vegetables, so if you want more information about this, please send them an email.

You will find Kjær Gårdsbutikk directly above Bibo sports field, in the middle of Våle. It is a short way to the E18 both towards Horten and Tønsberg. Gårdsveien is signposted, and there are good parking options.

Last updated: 01/17/2024

Source: Visit Vestfold

Kjær Gårdsbutikk - farm shop (Closed)

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