Klanten/Grøndalseggi Ski touring Luster

Klanten/Grøndalseggi 830 m above sea level Leirdalen/Luster - 1000 meters above sea level from the car with slightly steep terrain and minimal flats make Grøndalseggi the most efficient trip in Leirdalen.

Up: Normal road E1, LV: The most common way up follows the road towards Hest or Nonskard, but at around 1200 m above sea level you slope further south in increasingly easy terrain until you see the roughly 30 degree steep final climb towards Grøndalseggi. Walk across the flat and up the round ridge south of the east-facing bowl formation.

Down: Down again the same way, or most likely where you discovered the best snow.


Time up/down:

3-5 hours


November – May



Length of drive down:

900 meters above sea level from the dam

Steepest point:

30-35 degrees (1360-1400 m above sea level)

Tip: Lay the track so that you can drive back down after it if the light gets bad.

Difficulty: Slightly difficult. Slightly steeper with narrow passages, denser forest or tougher terrain. It is a less steep slope and under normal circumstances you will stop immediately after a fall. It can still be dangerous to fall. In special circumstances (glazed shell or similar), a slip or a fall can constitute a risk.


Last updated: 09/08/2023

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

Klanten/Grøndalseggi Ski touring Luster

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