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Klingenberg Hotel

Klingenberg Hotel in Årdal offers accommodation in charming surroundings by the Sognefjord.

A stay at our hotel can mean so much; a place to retreat, find new energy and relax. Our hotel can be a place where you work, where you are social or a place to take a break - it is all up to you.  The most important thing for us is to provide you with the freedom to do what you want during your stay. Tell us about your wishes, so that we can do our best to make your stay enjoyable! The hotel has 45 rooms and is famous for it`s local cuisine. The hotel has a charming outdoor area and table service by the fjord and is a great starting point for hiking, fjord kayaking or cycling.

Why not try out the activities in Årdal? Guided hikes in stunning scenery, visit the hiking village Årdal, experience Årdal in a kayak or visit the Tindevegen which is the road between Årdal and Turtagrø. 

In the Smokehouse you can try out the local food and drinks and taste the craft beer from the local Tya Brewery. It is a rustic and unformal location to gather small groups.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Klingenberg Hotel

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