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Kongsbu, day-trip cabin in Bokn

The open coastal landscape overlooking Boknasundet sound and Tysvær is the perfect location for Kongsbu, the day-trip cabin in Bokn.

The walk to Kongsbu is signposted, and the trail is around 5 km. You can park either at Bokn Arena or Bokn Church, and the walk is signposted from both car parks. From the church, the walk starts near the car park, from Bokn Arena you walk down the road via Føresvik and then join the path. It is also possible to take the Kystbussen bus service to Bokn if you would prefer to take public transport.

The walk to Kongsbu is mostly on a lit/gravel road. The last 500 metres to the cabin are on a tractor road without street lights, which you must bear in mind if you go for a walk in the dark. There are two different routes to the cabin, via the hiking path along a grazing area and gentle woodland, which is a slightly hilly route. Or you can walk via Føresvik, where the first kilometre is on the ordinary road, before you walk through woodland. This route is also slightly hilly. Sturdy footwear are recommended for this walk.

Staying overnight in the day-trip cabin is not permitted. The cabin is open all year and it is self-service. It has a wood-burning stove, and you can bring your own firewood if you would like to light the fire. The walk is suitable for both children and adults, and is universally designed. Kongsbu also has a toilet.

Source: Destinasjon Haugesund & Haugalandet


Kongsbu, day-trip cabin in Bokn

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