Konow Lund Villaen

At beautiful Skjoldnes in Fana you will find the venerable villa designed by the renowned Bergen architect Fredrik Konow Lund. The villa was completed in 1929 as a home for the Rieber family. In 2020, the villa was rebuilt to a modern standard and today contains a restaurant, venue for dinners and other celebrations and two beautiful suites with space for up to 4 people each. The house also contains a rich wine cellar, billiard room and has a great patio.

The menu changes according to the season, but the main focus is on good, simple, high-quality meals. We have options for both small and large groups.

Maximum numbers:

Living room with fireplace: 26 guests
Event room: 45 guests
Wine cellar: 14 guests
The whole house: 120 guests


Last updated: 12/29/2022

Source: Visit Bergen

Konow Lund Villaen

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