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Korset - Skåtøy

Korset, located at the end of Skåtøy has a picturesque setting with old pilot-houses on the seashore and the mighty ocean right out behind the islets that surrounds the place. A hike or a bike ride to Korset is a nice experience!

On the very end of the island Skåtøy, only an arm’s length from the mighty ocean, but still protected from it by the numerous islets surrounding it, lies an idyllic old fishing village named Korset. This place that in the olden days was used as a main harbor for the spring-herring fishermen and a station for maritime pilots has now been replaced with a lovely tranquility and an idyllic Norwegian archipelago-feeling. Out here, amongst islets and ocean, holiday visitors and residents find their peace.

The road to Korset is an experience in itself, regardless if you take the trip by foot or bike. If you arrive at Skåtøy by ferry you’ll start your trip at Skåtøyroa. The road from here on out consists of 7kms of easy terrain where you’ll follow the road “Skåtøyveien” all the way until it stops. You may also arrive at Skåtøy by the express boat or taxi boats, these means of transport will take you to either Skåtøyroa or Skåtøybrygga. If you choose to disembark at Skåtøyroa you’ll still follow the same road “Skåtøyveien”, but you’ll start your trip 2km further in on the island. Click here for more transportation info and timetables. 

Source: Kragerø Turistkontor


Korset - Skåtøy

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