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Kulturstien around Lepsøy

A hike with different elements of culture and ancient memories on the way. There are informational postars along the way as well as boxes with a local sound guide.

Around the island there are several rock shelters along the sea. Especially Rønstadhellaren and Setshellaren, which are interesting hikes in themselves. Setshellaren is dark, so you'll need a flashlight for this one.

You will follow a well marked trail that's always close to the ocean. The terrain is a lot of bare rock-face and slippery trails in rainy weather. The part between Rønstad and Rået is the most difficult part due to some climbing, but you can choose an alternative trail that is marked. You will miss Smalhans, but you will still get a good view.

Getting there and parking

Start from Hellevik or Rønstad. It is recommended to start from Rønstad if you want a better parking opportunity. The road there is also better to drive.

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Kulturstien around Lepsøy

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