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Kumlegaarden - Restaurant

Kumlegaarden is a traditional restaurant that serves Norwegian food with local produce.

Welcome to our traditional restaurant in the heart of Drøbak! 

Kumlegaarden Restaurant is a restaurant where art and culture complement magnificent architecture. Our trademark is norwegian traditional home-made dishes prepared by our top-class chef. We have function rooms for large and small events and two gardens.

Restaurant Kumlegaarden is located in two of Drøbaks oldest buildings.

The buildings has a history that dates back 250 years. We hope you will feel at home in our old house. A lot of people are startled about our name, but most have sometime tasted the traditional course kumle, also known as raspeball, klubb or kumper. In 1973 the old building gave us the inspiration to establish a kumle house and the restaurant was established 12th May 1989.

Our forefathers had a special ability to preserve the small things in life and were used to use their imagination in their daily life. They were able to enrich themselves and others by simple, good means. Today, with the high work pressure and the insecurity about what the future holds, we need to look to the past to find some of our forefathers solid base back.

"Stjerna" (today the kitchen) is one of Drøbak's oldest log houses. Gamlestua, the oldest part of the restaurant, housed shoemakers for generations. The two buildings were united by architect Berent A. Moe. In 1970-1973 he was responsible for a full rehabilitation of the houses. The fireplace on the groundfloor in the Gamlestua is made from raw claystone, originally used as ballast in a sailing ship on her way back from Holland after delivering ice. The north wall is built with logs and is a very rare piece of work. It is probably made from driftwood logs that were gathered until they had enough material to put up a new extension.

We had a dream about a restaurant where everyone would feel at home and enjoy themselves! We believe we have succeeded in creating such a restaurant and we hope you will visit us to experience it yourself.

Welcome to us! 

Read more about Kumlegaarden here. 

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Kumlegaarden - Restaurant

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