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Kur Sauna


Book your sauna experience at Right outside the sauna, you can take a fresh sea bath.

The sauna is located at Bjønnesstranda, with a view out to the Viksfjord. Experience the wind and the weather from inside a well-heated sauna. You can take a cold bath just outside the sauna. Open all year round. 

Sauna treatment for good health and well-being

The concept is to be able to offer a service that provides better health and well-being. Ice bathing is a large part of the concept, and the combination of sauna and ice bathing with correct breathing techniques has an enormous health effect that more and more people has experienced.

Anxiety, depression, sleeping problems, chronic pain, stress-filled life or poor blood circulation, the sauna and ice bathing will be an effective form of treatment, with no side effects other than increased energy and good mood. 

See the website for updated prices and booking!

Location and facilities.

The sauna is located at Bjønnesstranda in Tjodalyng, 7,5 km from Larvik town centre. There is electrical heat, ready for use. Changing facilities. 

Last updated: 02/26/2024

Source: Visit Vestfold

Kur Sauna


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