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Kvamssætra Utanfor og Innanfor

Area: Oldedalen Type: Foot Grading: Medium Length : 1,3 km Season: All year round

Kvamssetra Utanfor:
You will find the path to the Kvamssetra on the north side of the river Kvamselva. Take to the right after crossing the bridge, and you will find the starting point. The path is marked all the way to the mountain farm. The path is steep, but well adapted for hikers with chains and railings at the steepest places. You`ll have a beautiful view of the valley from Melkevoll Glacier in the south to Sunde in the north. The cabin on the top belongs to the farm Utogned.
A "seter" is normally a cluster of small log cabins and sheds situated above the tree line. They were built hundreds of years ago. The farms were small, and they were mainly used to grow winter fodder. Therefore it was necessary to have a summer farm where it was possible to utilize the rich mountain pasture during the summer months. The milkmaids spent the whole summers there tending the animals, milking the cows and goats and making butter and cheese. The products were either transported down to the farm on an aerial cable or on the milkmaid`s back. Farming in the old way is now history. Most of the buildings still exist, but there are no longer any cows and goats there.

Kvamssetra Innanfor:
The hike to Flatsteinbu is a steep and hard hike to the area between Kvamsdalen and Brenndalen, on the edge of Jostedalsbreen. First you walk the steep path to Kvamssetra innanfor. Here you`ll have a breathtaking view all over Oldedalen. The hike from Kvamssetra is not so steep, but the last part of the trip is hard since climbing is nessesary. The path is very well adapted for hikers. You`ll find the special building Flatsteinbu at the top. The cabin is private, but is open for hikers. If you want to spend the night there, please pay the amount of money for this to 3770.10.28903, or leave the cash in the small box inside. There are cooking facilities and heating in the cabin.

Flatsteinbu was built in 1969 by local farmers from Oldedalen. All the building material was carried all the steep path from the valley to Flatsteinbu. The cabin was restored in 2005. If you continue about 10 minutes past the cabin, you`ll have a extraordinary view to Brenndalen and the Brenndalsbreen.

Source: Nordfjord


Kvamssætra Utanfor og Innanfor

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