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Kvernsjøhytta is nestled within a sparsely populated pine forest at the eastern edge of Kvernesjøen. To the west of the lake, you'll discover the majestic Bangsjøfjella/Bangsjø Mountains, making it an exceptional hiking destination, especially in the winter months.

Cabin Details:
This cabin covers an area of 40 square meters and features 2 bedrooms, comfortably accommodating up to 6 adults. Check-in is available from 15:00 onwards, and check-out is required by 15:00 on the day of departure.

Access to the cabin remains consistent at approximately 7 kilometers from the road, a distance that remains unchanged throughout both summer and winter.

Additional Details:
Pets are warmly welcomed, and heating is provided by a wood stove, with propane gas available for cooking. The cabin does not have electricity, and restroom facilities are situated in an outhouse. Water can be sourced from the nearby lake adjacent to the cabin. The beds are equipped with mattresses, pillows, and covers; however, guests are advised to bring their own sleeping bags. Prior to departure, it is essential to thoroughly tidy up and clean the cabin, leaving no food items behind.

The most direct route to Kvernsjøhytta is by driving to Heia Kro/Tavern and Gjestegård/Guest Farm on the E6 in Grong. During the winter season, a groomed ski path leads from Heia Kro og Gjestegård to the cabin. In other seasons, an old summer farm trail guides you to the Bangsjøene/Bang Lakes. Once you reach the vicinity of Svarttjønna, depart from the trail and head south. For reference, the UTM-33W coordinates are 365613 7136744.

Kvernsjøhytta is located near Kvernsjøen. Heia Kro and Gjestegård offer a popular winter hiking destination with well-maintained ski trails and a stable climate. Just 4 kilometers further north lies Grong Ski Resort, the largest ski resort in central Norway. A boat is provided at the cabin for use on the lake, providing excellent fishing opportunities.

Cabin Rental:
The cabin can be booked on Inatur. You can also purchase fishing and hunting licenses. For manual orders, there is a billing fee of NOK50. The cabin is equipped with a key cabinet with a combination lock. Further information about this and the code can be found on the order confirmation from Inatur after completing the booking.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv



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