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Kvinnherad Museum

Museum with 3 different local museums; Ship building museum Skaalurensamlinga, Museum farm Bygdetunet Rød and Haugland School Museum.

Skaalurensamlinga is a museum that amongst others shows the activities at Skaaluren Skibsbyggeri (ship builders). Located at the center of Rosendal. Many famous ships were built along the beaches here, including Roald Amundsen's "Gjøa".

Museum farm Bygdetunet Rød consists of a living room house, storehouses, stables, forge and mill from the 1700s. Cooper shop by the sea.

School Museum of Kvinnherad. The school museum is located 5 km from the center in Uskedalen. Both the school and the furniture and artefacts are from 1893. You can get a guided tour by appointment with Kulturkontoret on tel: + 47 53 48 31 00 or +47 53 48 42 80

Last updated: 01/29/2024

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland

Kvinnherad Museum

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