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Kyststien (coastal path)

Kyststien is a popular hiking area, and is located north of Haugesund. Experience Norway's only national monument, Kvalen Lighthouse and The Rising Tide.

Kyststien trail starts at Skillebekkgata at the entrance to Killingøy and goes north to Kvalsvik. The trail has arms out to the public road network at Haraldshaugen, Gauldølavegen and Stjørdølavegen. At Haraldshaugen and Kvalsvik you will find the opportunity for car parking. Starting in the south, you follow the path along the shore through a rock blasting area. Where the asphalt ends the terrain is sloping and the vegetation grows more closely, but this does not last long. When you approaches the camping site, you may choose to go through this, or turning left, up a steep slope and walk over rocky ground and heather with great view of the ocean, islands and islets. Here you will see "Tonjer fyr"- lighthouse and the Islands of Røvær, Vibrandsøy, Hasseløy and Karmøy. At this altitude there is also the opportunity to take a break at the picnic spot.

After a slight descent in the north comes a grazing land west of the National Monument. The path runs further north, past boathouses and boats. At the next picnic spot, after the boathouses, the trail splits with a connection to Gauldølavegen. You continue north and the trail zigzags occasionally down to the sea and occasionally farther away from the sea. Further north the path leads upwards over Veste, with Kvalen lighthouse to the left, through the coastal moorland consisting of mostly herbs and heather. From the highest point the path turns inland behind some boathouses and ends in the sidewalk on Kvalsvikvegen. The path turns towards the East and it is possible to take a detour down to Kvalen lighthouse. When autumn and winter storms rage it is dangerous to go down towards the lighthouses. From the lighthouse you may continue further and visit the exhibition "The rising tide" by Jason DeCaires Taylor.

It is mandatory having your dog in leash throughout this area. In large parts of Kyststien, you may run into sheep, both wild and "ordinary".

About the trail - All year - Grading – Green, gravel road - Length– 6 km t/r- ca 1 hour - By fot ca 2 km from Haugesund city centre, walk north past Skåre church and take left after the medieval cemetery. - By car: Car parking at Haraldshaugen National monument and Kvalsvik. - Bus: Route 201 from Haugesund city centre towards Bleikemyr to Skillebekkgata.

Equipment and clothing - Hiking shoes/ sneakers

Last updated: 02/01/2024

Source: Destinasjon Haugesund & Haugalandet

Kyststien (coastal path)

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