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Lahko National Park

Just north of Svartisen is the entrance to the Glomfjord Mountains and Láhko National Park. The rock calcareous marble characterizes the landscape and flora of the national park, and has contributed to a rich flora and special ecosystems. The purpose of Láhko National Park is to preserve a large natural area that contains a distinctive natural diversity with particular emphasis on landscapes, natural types, species and geological deposits.

Láhko National Park is a national park located in Meløy, Gildeskål and Beiarn municipalities in Nordland. The national park extends over 188 km2, and is located on a high mountain plateau surrounded by mountains and glaciers. The highest point is Urdfjellet, 1049 meters above sea level. The name Láhko is Sami and means high-lying, vast mountain expanse, and the cultural monuments in the park are mainly linked to Sami reindeer husbandry. The national park was established in 2012 with the aim of preserving a particularly diverse area with distinctive geology and the presence of many rare and endangered plants.

The national park has Scandinavia's largest continuous alpine karst landscape. Karst is a technical name for geological landscape formations that are formed through the dissolution of soluble bedrock, which in this case is limestone. Here you find special formations such as natural bridges, underground rivers that disappear into the bedrock and then reappear in a completely different place, shafts, caves and shifting blocks on elevations, almost like sculptures.

Several of the waterways around the national park have been developed for hydropower purposes, and the construction roads in connection with this have made arriving at the park easy. From Fylkesvei 17 there is a side road to the car park at Hellarfjellet or Langvann, around an hour's walk to the national park border and Fellvasstua. From Glomfjord there is a road to the car park at Namnlausvatnet and Storglomvatnet. From Beiarn there is a road to Beiarnstua and a trail to Gråtadalstua. There are several marked trails in and through the national park.

Source: Kystriksveien Reiseliv


Lahko National Park

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