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Lake fishing / Inland fishing - Nordic Safari

Adventure Camp Mehamn is built to serve as a Base Camp for nature adventures, fishing and hunting all year around.

One big advantage at Adventure Camp Mehamn is the short distances to the target. Whether you are fishing at sea or in the 150 inland lakes nerby. Actually you reach to do both in the very same day.
From the beginning of july to the end of August is the absolute best fishing period.
By looking at the map at or you will see our optimal situation!

Trout and Arctic Char with weight of 2,5 kilo is not rear in these lakes.

The fishing is taking place in the lakes of Nordkin Peninsula, Ifjord mountains and Laksefjordvidda. We offer guided tours or you can walk out by yourself to the lakes directly from the Adventure Camp. Use our rent a car to get out to the actual starting points for walking to the different lakes. You can choose lakes that are situated from 10 minutes to 2 hours walking from the road.
We use boats and helicopter to reach the best lakes as well.
We offer accommodation in shelters and cottages by some of the lakes.

Source: Book Finnmark


Lake fishing / Inland fishing - Nordic Safari

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