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Søndre Land


The lake Landåsvatnet is situated 501 metres above sea level in Landåsbygda in Søndre Land. The lake is 3 km long with an area of 250 hectares. The average depth is 10–15 metres, and the deepest point is 30 metres.

Fish species:
- Trout
- Perch
- Char
- Common minnow
- Crucian carp
- Whitefish

Fishing regulations and fees:
- Fishing is permitted with a rod from land and boat. Please refer to the regulations for inland fishing.
- Fishing permits are sold at Statoil in Hov, Joker in Landåsbygda and from special boxes at either end of the lake.

Fishing equipment:
- All types of equipment are permitted, in accordance with the regulations for inland fishing.
- Fishing with nets requires permission from Landåsbygda hunting and fishing association.
- Planer board fishing has been suspended for the time being.

Fishing restrictions, minimum size etc.:
- At present there are no restrictions in place, and fishing is permitted from the time the ice melts until 1 October.

Getting there: From Gjøvik,
- Follow road Rv 33 Fagernesveien in the direction of Dokka.
- Turn right at the sign for Landåsbygda.
- Continue towards "the centre" of Landåsbygda until you can see the Landåsvatnet lake on your left. Distance: around 26 km from the centre of Gjøvik.

Last updated: 09/20/2021

Source: Visit Innlandet


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