Langøya coastal path

Explore the coastal path at Langøya in Langesund.

Distance: 4.5 km
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: easy
Season: all year
Suits for: all the family

The 2.9 km long Langøya is a scenic and flat island located just a stone's throw away from Langesund. The island has a diverse history and an exciting flora with several rare species. The island is owned by Bamble municipality and most is a landscape conservation area managed by the County Governor of Telemark.

The path on the island is made as a blue-marked circular trail of 4.5 km and which takes about 1 hour to walk. The trail is part of the coastal trail through Bamble. Bamble Turlag has cleared the path and been responsible for the marking with standard blue color according to guidelines from the Norwegian Tourist Association. The path mostly goes through landscape conservation area and it is important that you as a hiker take the necessary consideration of this and follow the instructions that the County Governor has set up on boards around the island.

The path is very easy to walk, but in some places you have to walk over some "fence splitters", which for some with movement problems can be a challenge. Venture off the coastal path to visit Langøytangen lighthouse on the southern tip of the island. The old lighthouse keeper's house is rented out for accommodation. The beach in the northwest and the island of Lilløy in the east are also recommended.

Open summer restaurant
In the summer season, there is an open restaurant at Langøya Restaurant and you can take a boat over to the island from Langesund. It is the Helgeroa ferries that from St. Hans drive past the pier.

Last updated: 09/29/2023

Source: VisitGrenland AS

Langøya coastal path

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