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Laukisætra summer pasture farm

Laukisætra is a wonderful summer pasture farm belonging to the farms at Løken. Area: Oldedalen valley Type: Hike/walk Classification: Medium Length: 5 km round trip Season: All year round

There are four farmsteads each with its own small hut. The barns are no longer standing. When the farmers used to take their cattle to the pasture farms, they would chase them on a long detour into Eidemaka. The path up the hill to the pasture farm was simply too steep for the cows. At Laukisetra farm, they used a rope pulley to get the milk to the farm.

The starting point for the walk is at the sawmill at Lauki. Drive towards Oldedalen valley and turn off at the other end of Floen. Drive to the first sharp turn to the right. Follow the signs to Laukisetra, through the farmyard to the sawmill. There’s a nice forest road to Laukisetra farm. The route takes the old farm track up to the farm and then the forest road down again. It's a 5 km round trip – 2 km up the steep path and 3 km down the forest road

Source: Nordfjord


Laukisætra summer pasture farm

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