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Leikanger FjordHotel

Leikanger - The fruit and honey village, but also a Royal village since the Viking age. Stay at Leikanger Fjordhotel and discover the Fjord Village Leikanger.

Leikanger Fjordhotell is beautifully located in the heart of the Sognefjord. An excellent base for reaching everything this part of Norway has to offer. At the same time, enjoy the mild climate that ensures that both peaches, apricots and walnuts thrive here.

Leikanger has traditions such as Royal Village dating back to the Viking Age. Strandavegen is a walk in ancient heroic history, Viking history and cultural history. The hotel has its own Viking Suite where you can spend the night in a bed with a frame shaped like a Viking ship, with a sail as a ceiling.

Activities Leikanger FjordHotel is happy to recommend hiking trips in the mountains, and provide information about the cultural trail along the fjord

You can also rent a SUP or Kayak at the Hotel: Price 250 NOK per hour including life jacket. 

Accommodation: Leikanger Fjord Hotel has 55 rooms. The hotel's main building dates from the 1920s, where you will find the dining room, fireplace lounge, lounges and rooms. In the space wing, from the 1970s, you will also find a ballroom and meeting rooms.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Leikanger FjordHotel

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