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Spend the night in historical surroundings at Lensmannsgården. Open summer café and glass gallery where you may find your inner glass artist.

At Lensmannsgården you spend the night in historical surroundings. Here you can rent a room inside the traditional farm house. The rooms are named according to the place`s old use as a sherrifs office, and both the "arrest" and the "sheriff's office" are pleasant rooms. "The sheriff's boy" and the "custody" are, as the names suggest, a little smaller. The rooms are cozy, decorated with art by different artists.

Or how about having the storage buiding/ "Stabburet" all to yourself? The storage building is from the 19th century and we have preserved the original timber and the steep stairs. There is a bathroom, large kitchen / living room and 6 sleeps. Outdoors you can relax in the hot tub.

Lensmannsgården is easily accessible just off the coastal road/ Kystriksveien, and is still a rural oasis.

We offer both dinner and breakfast, but please order within the day before.

Serving at Lensmannsgården
All our coffee bread is of course home-baked, and we are happy to serve the world's best softice with the pastries.
Our lunch and dinner are made from local produce and made from scratch. We use raw materials from the garden and the surrounding nature.
Every Friday and Sunday we are also open in evening, serving drinks and self-designed pizza, baked in a wood-fired oven.

Magical Recess at our glass gallery 
At Lensmannsgården we have a nice, large glass workshop. Should you want to try yourself as a glass artist for a day , you will have the  oppurtunity here. Glass is a fascinating and magical material to work woth. That's why we call our activity Magisk Friminutt/ Macigal Recess. The activity must be booked in advance as you will receive guidance during the entire process. You do not need any prior knowledge or artistic skills. Everyone can create something unique and nice.
The activity is suitable for both young and adults. And the artwork will be a nice holiday memory from the journey along Kystriksveien.

Source: Kystriksveien Reiseliv




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