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Lesja Parachute Club

Lesja Parachute Club is one of Norway’s largest clubs when measuring the fun you can have. The club has 174 members and does 2222 parachute jumps a year

The club, Lesja FSK, was established on 5.2.1988 and is a member of the Norwegian Air Sports Association. The club’s governing body are the members at its annual general meeting.

Lesja FSK owns and operates Bjorli Airport located at Bjorli in Lesja municipality. We believe we have Norway’s finest privately-owned airport, with an 850m asphalted runway, large hangar / packing area and wonderful clubhouse. We jump from a Cessna 206 (LN-BWV) that can accommodate 6 jumpers.

Drop zone

We are proud to have a drop zone on par with the best in the country. The drop zone is owned and operated by Lesja FSK. There is wireless internet access in the drop zone.


Lounge with tables and chairs for about 50 guests, seating areas with cable TV, video and projector with a large screen. Fully-equipped kitchen, dressing room, shower and WC.


Large heated hangar with wall-to-wall carpet for packing parachutes. Rack to hang rigs and equipment. A seating area with tv-video for briefing. A seating area for relaxing with coffee and cake and watching videos and socialising. Five bedrooms accommodating up to 18 guests on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are also plenty of mattresses should it be necessary to sleep in the hangar. The manifest is in the hangar.

Landing Field

The large grassy landing field is good for students and is next to the hangar, so it’s not far to walk.


We have two fixed boogies a year – Easter Boogie and Beaver Boogie. Lesja FSK has Norway’s most awesome jumps. Jump between Trollveggen and Romsdalshorn, or at Åndalsnes “the alpine town by the fjord”, and experience the stunning combination of fjord, mountains and town. Parachute certification is required.


Lesja FSK offers static-line courses for students


Cesna 206 (LN-BWV) with room for six jumpers.


850m asphalted runway.

Wood-fired hot tub, trampoline, children’s toys, large car park.

Source: Nasjonalparkriket Reiseliv AS


Lesja Parachute Club

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